Mac’s Bar

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Mac’s Bar, with its gritty,¬†dilapidated¬†interior has showcased the best in punk, indie, folk and other genres in Lansing for decades. Hosting shows nearly everyday of the year, Mac’s is known for its consistency in bringing in the best up-and-coming bands to the capital city. Beyond countless locals gracing the Mac’s Bar stage, bands who went on to stardom (and continue to do so) have played Mac’s. Examples include The Gaslight Anthem, The Hard Lessons, Frontier Ruckus, The Queers, Bomb the Music Industry, Andrew Jackon Jihad and many others. The bar also provides drink specials and a friendly atmosphere. Bartender Craig Doepker has been voted Best Bartender in Lansing by the Lansing City Pulse Top of the Town Awards multiple times. Swing by Mac’s Bar sometime, catch a show, have a beer and have a good time.

  • Website:
  • Address: 2700 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing, MI
  • Hours of operation: 3pm-2am
  • All early shows are all ages
  • All night shows are 18+ unless specified
  • Capacity: ~150
  • Phone: +1 (517) 484 – 6795

The Loft

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Having been open for a little over two years, The Loft has helped bring national and international acts to Lansing including Against Me!, Hawthorne Heights, …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead and Saves The Day (to name a few). The venue has hosted events like the Hometown Rock Crown contest as well as a jam/funk night known as Lifted Thursdays. Local bands such as Elliot Street Lunatic, Alco and many others have also graced The Loft’s stage.

  • Website:
  • Address: 414 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing, MI
  • Hours of Operation: Usually time of shows
  • Shows are all ages unless noted
  • Capacity: 400
  • Phone: (517) 913-0103

GTG House

Acting as the actual home to members of the Good Time Gang records collective, the GTG House has hosted shows periodically over the last couple of years. Bands such as The Plurals (GTG founders Tommy McCord and Nicholas Richard live in the house), Frank and Earnest (singer/guitarist Ben Hassenger lives there), Honah Lee, The Cartridge Family and out-of-state bands like Cleveland’s The Fucking Cops and Seattle’s Johnny Unicorn have played the house.

  • Website:
  • Contact the bands for house location
  • Show information can be found on a particular event page for a show. Not all show times are the same.
  • Capacity: Limited
  • Contact GTG Records for information on booking a show via email here:

Rubble’s Bar (Mount Pleasant, MI)

logo courtesy of the Rubble's Bar Facebook page

Located in downtown Mount Pleasant, MI, Rubble’s Bar has hosted many Lansing-area bands in the past (like Jason Alarm and Elliot Street Lunatic) as well as national and even internationally touring acts such as Mustard Plug, Frontier Ruckus, The Hard Lessons, Maritime, The Ragbirds, The Crane Wives and more. The venue is also home to the annual fall music festival, Midwest Fest, which has hosted the aforementioned bands as well as a slew of locals such as Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers, Newday Dreamers, Ugly Broads, Delightfuls (from Farwell), Purple Nightmare (from Ithaca), the Kincaids (from Alma), Killer Kong (from Midland) and more. During the school year, there is music nearly three nights a week starting on Thursday and going to Saturday.

  • Address: 112 W. Michigan St., Mount Pleasant, MI 48858
  • Hours of Operation: 3pm-2am
  • Find show information at the Diamonds in the Rough Facebook page
  • Capacity: ~250
  • Phone: 1 (989) 772-1132 (If you’re in a band looking to book a show, ask for Brim, the bartender)