The release show for “Secret Identities: Lansing Covers Lansing” was a great success. Thanks go out to Tommy McCord, Cale Sauter and the whole GTG Records and Bermuda Mohawk Productions crew for putting in the hours of free time and dedication to this project. Thanks also go out to all the bands for just participating; that in and of itself is a great honor.

Thank you to Mac’s Bar for hosting the show and Scott Bell for running the door.

Thank you to everyone who purchased a CD and/or a poster. I greatly appreciate that and the bands do as well. I hope you enjoy it.

The CDs will be available the Flat, Black and Circular and The Record Lounge, both in downtown East Lansing, sometime next week. I will post when they have been delivered to their respective locations. They will be on sale for $5 at these shops.

They will also be available at the Good Time Gang Records website sometime next week as well. I and they will let all of you know when they’ll be available for purchase (and for how much) soon.

Thanks again to everyone and look out for Secret Identities: Issue #2 on the horizon.