Drinking Mercury, by far the oldest Good Time Gang records-affiliated project at over 10 years old, has finally put out their first full length entitled Orcades. Here’s a review.

Opener “Grateful Day” has reverberated drums pulsating and guitars that sound like they’re planets away as swathing guitar fuzz dominates the left channel. “Barely Strung”, the following track, features loud (but not too overbearing) guitars and Michael Boyes’ distinct warbly falsetto. He even belts out some screams toward the end. “Pretend” has a Sonic Youth feel to it. Vocalist and guitarist Tommy McCord takes the lead vocal here. He doesn’t sound all that inspired and the track just feels a bit lackluster. I’ve heard a lot of the tones that they’re putting to tape on this track.

“Saydene” is by far the album’s standout track. I love the main guitar line here. It’s the audio equivalent of a Wild West duel. A swagger, sincerity and brittle toughness envelope the track via Boyes’ vocal and the excellent and dissonant walking bassline via Timmy Rodriguez. “Hey, Hey Sally” is also a great track. As I noted in my review of Drinking Mercury’s “Words” EP, I love Boyes’ vocal here. The version found on Orcades a re-recorded version which has a more “live” feel to it and Boyes’ vocal is more intense and dynamic.

Check this out for yourself here.