My name is Sean Bradley. I am the creator of Lansingmusic.TV. I have read many of the comments on our website and have been keeping up with all of this. The Strutt and No Fun House’s Sean Hartman wrote a very detailed and thorough analysis of how No Fun House as a venue was effected and how he plans to change No Fun House as a result. There are a few things that I would like to offer as advice to you all that has helped myself personally as well as the scene as a whole in Lansing.

Go out to shows that you wouldn’t normally go to. If you’re a diehard punk rock fan, challenge yourself and go to a hip hop show. If you’re a hip hop person, go to a punk show. ¬†Go to shows in different cities if you can. Objectively speaking, the scene in Lansing is very diverse and almost every night there is something going on. People in any city, generally, are open minded and nice if you take the time to be personable. All it takes is the effort to want to talk to people and be interested. It’s a lot easier to sit there, arms crossed and be boring than it is to go out and talk to people and make new friends. The payoff with the latter, however, will be enormous for you personally and, if you’re in a band, exponential. You make new contacts, which gets you more shows, which leads to more fans, etc. It can only help you to go out of your comfort zone and meet someone new.

The other piece of advice (and the most important) is this: start something like Lansingmusic.TV in Kalamazoo (or whatever city you live in). We film interviews with bands, film live sets, music videos, acoustic sessions, studio sessions, etc. I’ve met so many cool people and made many new friendships because of Lansingmusic.TV. If something like this were to start in your area, it has to cover ALL kinds and styles of music. No music can be left out. If all different styles are covered and everyone has a chance to shine, it can become a new platform other than the traditional media outlets to show what your city has to offer musically. Invest in high quality equipment, get grants from local arts councils and your city. Any way you can to obtain the resources you feel necessary to convey your city’s music in the most positive light possible.

That’s what it should be about: promoting the scene for the betterment of the scene itself and not about who’s most popular or how to keep your spot or to advance your own career. You don’t get somewhere without the help of someone else. Getting others involved in whatever your passion is, is the best and most positive thing that anyone can do. It’s about community in the most basic sense. Help each other out, because you know you would want the help too if given the opportunity.

Let me know your thoughts on what I have to say. Spread this to your friends. Quit talking about how to change the scene and start doing it.

Thank you,

Sean Bradley