Local punk band Josh David and the Dream Jeans will be releasing their first full length this Friday at Mac’s Bar in Lansing, entitled “Can You Believe We Landed On The Moon?”. Frontman (and reason for the band’s namesake) Josh David says there was never a master plan when it came to recording an album or even with the band itself. “ For the album or the band, just keep playing and writing and see where it takes us. I personally wanted to play as much as I could locally and go on tour and record a full length” David said.

The band, which began in 2009, was David’s way of being an active member of the Lansing music scene. “I had wanted to start a band for years, basically ever since high school. There were a few almost-projects that never quite panned out. Eventually I got tired of dicking around and watching all my friends make music while I sat on the side lines” he said. After David asked friend, drummer and “stunt monkey” in local rowdy punk The Cartridge Family, Matt Norton, to start a band with him, Norton had one condition. “‘If you get me Nich Richard, I’m in” recalls David of Norton’s request.

David says Richard, whom at the time he says he “barely knew”, surprisingly said yes to David’s offer. The band became complete when Good Time Gang Records co- founder Tommy McCord’s cousin Michael Boyes joined the band on bass. From then on, once a week, every week was spent jamming and writing songs. “Every week at practice we would come up with a fake working band name to use like “Scream Of The Dog” and “Pointless Dismemberment” (which I liked so much I turned it into our first song). One day The Dream Jeans made it into the rotation and stuck, then Nich added my name to it because they think it’s funny that I have three first names (Joshua Daniel David)” he said.

After playing countless live shows in and around the Lansing area, David and the rest of the Dream Jeans began to cultivate plans to record their songs. These plans were slightly altered when original drummer Norton quit the band, only to be replaced by friend Christian Urabazzo. “ We were going to do an EP since we only had like 8 songs. So we recorded those songs, then Norton quit” says David. After Urabazzo joined the band, demos began to circulate while the band were on tour and at home playing local shows.

Finally, in March, the band recorded their debut album “Can You Believe We Landed On the Moon?”. David says the recording sessions were pretty relaxed saying “it’s just  four dudes hanging out with their friend Tommy, who just happens to be recording them” he said. The sessions had their heated moments but mainly because of David himself. “I’m a little high strung, a little intense. I’m a bit of a control freak when it comes to the band” he admits but says the band is about compromise. “I have a vision in my head, but the band isn’t just me. There’s four of us and once you stop being flexible problems arise” he said.

David said that although McCord recorded and mixed the band’s album, he thinks it stands apart from other sounds you might find on the GTG roster. “One of the things I like about GTG is that they have a wide array of bands on their roster, and that no two bands sound the same” he said. David says McCord has a basic recording approach but adjusts it to meet a particular band’s vision or sound they want to capture. David feels that their vision was captured just as equally as other GTG releases.