OK, so I had intended to review this a long time ago but I could never fully put into words my thoughts on the album. Now, almost a year since I obtained the album from Johnny Unicorn during this interview, I feel like I can review it now…finally. So here we go.

The opener, Lady Drives, within the first 30 seconds sets you up for what you’re in for with a Johnny Unicorn album. As synths pulsate and the glockenspiel  rings, a sudden burst of drums and saxaphone leave their mark. Then it returns to the synth/glockenspiel motif. Throughout the song, swaths of calming spacey noises engulf your ears. But this doesn’t last long. Unicorn sings “lady drives her car into a ditch” as harmonic guitar lines string along, drums kick and Unicorn’s vocals take you on a ride.

“A ride” is a good and simple way of describing a Johnny Unicorn album (it might be an understatement). On Date Movie Fever, he belts out “date movie fever/I’m running in the wrong direction” while guitars rock out then all of a sudden a breakdown with the synth comes into play as Unicorn then utilizes his falsetto vocal range. Many musical movements and ideas are key to understanding Johnny Unicorn as a musician. Growing up on Frank Zappa and, later on, listening to They Might Be Giants, quirkiness is a great quality that Unicorn possesses and it shines on this album.

Science is my favorite track on the album. Drums kickstart the song like a heartbeat as Unicorn sings “We can travel in machines that take us to where we need to be”. As the chorus comes in, Unicorn has autotuned his voice which gives a robotic tinge perfect for the song. It’s geek rock personified. The music seethes with a quirkiness and twitch that fans of They Might Be Giants would love.

A close second for favorite track is 50 Times. The drums have a swing feel to them. They are my favorite part of the song. Their commanding high-hat/snare combo is so infectious. Unicorn sings “the moon is out of orbit” as guitar chords dryly wring themselves out. As the chorus comes in, synths march along and the guitar tremolos a quick line. Quick, dancy and to the point.

If you’re a fan of bands like They Might Be Giants or musicians like Weird Al, you will definitely love Johnny Unicorn.