Dizzy Dearest, a Lansing area indie/psych pop band, have released an EP entitled “All These Flowers”, which you can download for free at this link.

Here’s a review.

Amongst electronic beats and swaths of distortion, blips and blotches of quirky noises and (not to mention) the harmony vocals, Dizzy Dearest (synth player Jarod Emison, vocalist Maggie Emison and guitarist Nick Fox) make something pretty incredible here. On “Vacation (Flowers)”, a slow bassy drum beat pulsates among a sea of vocal harmonies, guitar bits and synth fluctuations. I almost have a hard time following everything going on all at once, which actually suits the band’s name and aesthetic quite well. The music leaves you in a blissfully bizarre state of mind. It’s almost best to concentrate on one piece at a time and come back later, and after multiple listens, everything will come full circle.

A favorite of mine from this offering is “Bell Oak Rd.” I absolutely love the blasts of guitar noise that occupy the breaks in this song. It adds an element of spontaneity to the band’s sound and allows them a bit of musical freedom to let loose from the confines of a beat (if only for about 16 bars). Maggie Emison’s harmonies through the noise add a beauty unheard as of yet on this offering. Her (as well as Jarod Emison’s) abilities to harmonize with pure noise is a great way to latch onto what little pop sensibilities that noise provide on its own. By adding that little bit of harmony, it makes it listenable and not overbearing.

The electronic beats found on this EP are creative and work well with the rest of the music. In an almost hip-hop fashion, the beats are just another part of the sonic collage that they’re creating (a la New Jersey experimental hip hop group Dalek). This is evident on “Light Pollution”. As a guitar strums along calm chords, the off-time beat is high on the snare adding a well-deserved punch.

“Capture Me” defines the band’s sound as they are looking to show it to the world. Full of almost 8-bit sonic entanglements in the intro and as guitars-like-clockwork stream along, Maggie Emison sings her way through the sonic jungle (although there’s too much reverb on them for me to intelligibly understand the lyrics). She sings “So capture me/behind the lens of a camera/I wanna see every little thing”. In the way that cameras capture a moment in time, Dizzy Dearest capture a lot of their emotions via sonic collages of noise, beats and harmonies on this EP.

Check this out. It’s worth it.