Ryan Horky is back. Here is a review of So Adult‘s “Rookie”, out of Bellingham, WA (via Cale Sauter’s consistent Lansing press and affiliation with this Washington band I will let this one slide..it’s like a friend-of a friend-of a friend scenario).

I might be stretching LMTV’s “gotta be locally connected” review rule a bit on this one. These dudes are from Bellingham, WA, which is about as far away as you can go from Lansing and still be in the contiguous US of A. However, Cale Sauter’s Raptor’s Delight PR company has taken it upon themselves to get these guys some press, and RDPR is local, so that’s good enough for me. Hopefully it will be for LMTV. (If not, you won’t be reading this anyway, so what do you care?) Anyway….So Adult has some serious Replacements-worship going on. The singer sounds very much like a young Paul Westerberg and the songs come across like a much less-talented songwriter’s attempt at apeing P. Westie’s style. (If you see the video for the song “Suburbia” you can see that the lead singer hopped in Doc Brown’s Delorean in about 1992, gunned it to 88 MPH, and ended up in the year 2011. Even his haircut looks like Johnny Reznik in the days before the Goo Goo Dolls left Metal Blade and got a stylist. I have no problem with this. If you’re gonna be in a tribute band, hell, look the part at least.)

Now, you might read these words and think that I didn’t like this tape, but you would be wrong. The songs are generally catchy and well-played. What words I can understand, though occasionally clichéd, are at least not annoying. (I’ll take what I can get these days. We have a real shortage of inspiring lyricists!) It’s a short release that whets my appetite for more instead of boring me with too much. When I say that the dude writing the songs is “much less talented” than Paul Westerberg I’m simply stating a fact that is true for 90% of songwriters ever. It’s not an insult, just a fact. While I would generally prefer bands be original, if someone is doing a good version of something I love I can at least hang with that. (I love those first couple Goo Goo Dolls records where they were basically Replacements Jr.) Worth tracking down for sure.