Here again, is Ryan Horky with a review of Michigan “supergroup” Lenin/McCarthy’s “Art” EP.

Lenin/McCarthy is a “supergroup” of sorts consisting of Rick Johnson and Nathan Cohn (bass and drums for Mustard Plug) and Mario Bourzac. (Drummer for sadly underrated/not rated at all MI group Hell or Highwater and former touring drummer for Off With Their Heads. Guess he knew when to get away from that sinking ship, huh?) They sound a little like NomeansNo, if someone who listened to a lot of Steve Vai was playing guitar. I don’t really like Steve Vai, but believe me, the combination works here. Rick and Nate really lock in as a rhythm section and Mario gets to do his thing on top of that. Even though there are ten songs here, the band is still marketing this release as an EP, because it’s only 20 minutes long. Most of the tunes are actually sub two minutes, which suits my attention span just fine. Each one is almost perfect-short, funny, and to the point. If you’re balking a little due to their ska/pop-punk pasts, you shouldn’t. This is some killer post-punk played by great musicians. Highly recommended.