This short offering from Fisherking leaves me wanting more, obviously. Releasing a 2 song EP seems kind of fruitless to me but I think it shows where the band is musically and where they are headed. All of the elements from “Forget It” appear here. Vocalist/Bassist Ryan Holmes is his usual shouting self on the first track “Leaving Home”. He shouts “home/what does it even mean?”. A lot of his lyrics seem to deal with figuring out who he is, metaphorically of course (or sometimes straightup, cut and dry too). Adds a personality element that the listener can relate to.

I really love the music here. The riffs are catchy, yet they’re like a sucker punch. They could be a lot heavier and punishing but I’ll let that slide since they are an enjoyable listen. Bits of dissonance leak through the riffage. The white noise of the guitar distortion adds texture to the relatively minute instrumentation. Doubling the guitars aids this effect as well.

The drums here are nothing special. That said, Alex Corey is a competent drummer and lets himself go the kit. Full of energy on both songs here. Ben Jenson, Fisherking’s guitarist, has found new ways to expand his playing but still maintain his hardcore roots. Dissonance is something new tried in Fisherking’s music and it works to their advantage. Arpeggiated riffs are sprinkled throughout “Leaving Home” as well.

Fisherking has already released an EP, entitled “Forget It”. Along with this new EP, I’m starting to hear something special in the making with Fisherking. I know they know they can push their music to its limits, but still maintain the hardcore elements. Their music will continue to evolve and I can’t wait to hear what they’ll do next.

Check out “2 Songs” here:


1. Leaving Home (2:46)

2. Bull Run ’61 (3:02)