Lansingmusic.TV was only formed about six months ago but in the time between then and now we’ve met some really cool people, listened to and reviewed amazing records and filmed awesome live shows. After hearing some great records in the past 6 months, I have decided to name one record as Lansingmusic.TV’s Album of the Year.

This decision did not come lightly, however.

Fields of Industry released a great record in “Trouble House”. I love the psychedelic, noisy soundscapes that populate the record. Definitely a record that is worth checking out. Do so here:

Another superb Lansing output this year was Fisherking’s “Forget It” EP. Full of the old school hardcore you know and love, it is a fun listen (even if it’s nothing new). Great energy from all the Fishermen. Check this out here:

There can only be one album of the year however…..and that record is: Frank and Earnest’s “Old Francis”!

When I first listened to this, I immediately fell in love with it. Everything from the fast yet controlled guitar playing of Ben Hassenger and Otis McCheese, the pounding and steady bass of Paul Whittman and the impeccable drumming of Ryan Horky make this the finest release to come out of Lansing in 2010.

The trio of vocalists in Ben Hassenger, Paul Whittman and Otis McCheese, all add their individual flavors to their respective songs. As explained in my review of this record, Hassenger’s take on a song like “Addictionary” is like your local construction worker singing punk rock style. Wittmann’s has an emotive and energetic drawl to it, such as on “Clever”. McCheese’s vocal is the most recognizable and distinct. Lots of energy on the closer, “Mr. Holland’s Otis”.

The rhythm section of Wittmann and Horky is very powerful in it’s synergy yet individually, they do their parts. The drums are hit hard and with ferocity. Horky’s timing is perfect. The bass is the underdog of the band. It accomplishes it’s goal of driving the songs along but the parts are also spacious and not forced. Underrated part of the record.

I keep using the word “energy” a lot to describe this record. The infectious and energetic hooks, the blasts of guitar noise and pulsating bass and the emotional vocal takes show that Frank and Earnest are not just another run-of-the-mill Lansing band. They have something special that is unmatched right now in the Lansing music scene.

Buy the “Old Francis” EP here.

What will the Lansingmusic.TV 2011 album of the year be? I can’t wait to find out.