If you’re curious to hear the sounds and experience the sights of a Small Houses live show, you’re in luck. Jeremy Quentin AKA Small Houses, will be showcasing his unique brand of minimalist Folk music this Friday at (Scene) Metrospace in East Lansing. You can expect a very different live show from Small Houses. For his last record, Our Dusking Sound, he employed the use of a horn and rhythm section as well as strings to fully flesh out his sound live. However, Quentin says that unlike other artists who desire a full band on stage, he prefers to play alone. “…I’m finding more and more excitement being up there alone” says Quentin.

He now takes Small Houses on as a full-time job and says playing the Midwest and East Coast has allowed him to “really kick off his imagination” in regards to working on Small Houses more often. According to Quentin, October will have 20 touring dates and then November and December will be dedicated to writing and recording a new record. Like the rest of the Small Houses catalog, influence will come from all directions, including Punk Rock like Black Flag to other Michigan Folk groups Gifts or Creatures and The Photographers, says Quentin. He also says his songs also pull from personal experiences and the aforementioned groups “has been more of a reason to push my personal growth” as a songwriter.

  • Check out Small Houses, Double Saginaw Familiarity and Graham Parsons (not the rock star, but the band) at Scene Metrospace this Friday. Doors at 8pm and Music by 9pm. The show is All Ages and is $5.