After declaring war on Lansing’s music scene on August 9th at the Chaz Brackx and the Tight Teens Mac’s Bar show, Chaz has been the target of criticism as well as the instigator of a debate that is now raging here. Is the scene stale? Does it need to be rejuvenated? He seems to think so. Others are left to wonder if he is right or if he is full of it.

Recently banned-from-Lansing band, The Cartridge Family, seem to be in the latter category. On September 2, 2010, almost a month later, they responded with a reminder to Chaz that they will be at Mac’s on September 17th to reclaim the current scene they helped to birth and grow.

The volley was now back in Chaz’s corner. He took to the camera to call the Cartridge Family a “kid in a cowboy hat” and calling The Cartridge’s Families’ The People’s Champ, “the people’s chump”. He then took the time to promote the Red Swan reunion show on September 25th, 2010 with his respective band as well as Funender at Basement 414.

Will the war end and if so when? How will The Cartridge Family respond to Chaz’s claims? How does the Red Swan reunion show factor into this war?

You’ll just have to find out this Friday night at Mac’s Bar where Bermuda Mohawk Fest will be the battle ground between Team Chaz and Team TCF!