When I interviewed James “P2DaHI” Gardin and Wayne “The Amature” Weigel for Lansingmusic.tv, I learned a lot about how the EP, Whatupdoe From Blat!, came together musically and how the personalities of P2Dahi and The Amature melted and melded together to create something entirely fresh on the local scene. Produced by DJ Sabzi of Seattle’s Blue Scholars, the beats are laid back and the deliveries of the rhymes are the same.

End of May instills the laid back style that permeates the EP as a whole. The hand percussion beats and synths get you moving and then the raps bring the song into full speed. As Amature and P2DaHI wrap their rhymes around your ears, the aforementioned synths are sparse, letting the vocal abilities of the two shine. The rhymes themselves are quirky and yet powerful in their delivery. Mellow, laid back rhymes about Vonage and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Inception may seem out of place but after a few listens, it all makes sense.

I have already reviewed the next song, Passports, but I think I’ll add a few notes here. Everything about the song feels fresh and genuine. Although the song contains a message to the listener about traveling and experiencing the world, it’s not done in a way that seems pretentious. Instead, it seems to add to the “Summer” theme of having a good time and living life while the Summer is hot.

#TrendingTopic is probably the most musically diverse song in the set. From a techno-inspired intro things slow down to a repeating realm of bass drums and droning keys swirling around the quick, lightning rhymes. References like The World Cup, Wikipedia, Grease, and Twitter sprinkle theĀ  looping beats. The end contains a not-so-subtle call for people to follow P2DaHI and The Amature on Twitter. Some may think it’s pretentious but again, it adds to fun vibes they want the songs to contain.

We take a slower, R&B tinged turn with I’ll Be Waiting. The singing chorus is the most vocally diverse part of the whole EP. No Autotune to is be found here, which bucks the current mainstream rap trend. The vocal, at first, may put some off at first. You may be asking why they didn’t use Autotune, but this reviewer likes the fact they didn’t use it and wanted to take a chance. A ballad-esque song is a good thing every now and then. I approve.

The next song, about a friend of the group coming back to town, Nate’s Back In Town (Thursday Night), is the most infectious song here. The chorus will have you singing along, I guarantee it. The lyrics are about a party and the goings on like meeting new friends and seeing old ones; a perfect Summer theme. The beat is a click-clack dance beat that lays back and lets the vocals shine. This is again a theme of Sabzi’s production.

The last song, Drinkin’ Outta Cups, is the musical equivalent of a Hawaii dream vacation. Although it’s about the end of Summer and all the things that go with it, the song actually makes you want to hear more. The rhymes talk about the rappers’ respective Summer times like partying and writing songs. “I don’t want this to be the end of the time we get to spend/ So tell when I ever get to see you again”. A perfect ending to the Summer and the best beginning to new adventures.

This EP as a whole is a great listen end to end. From Sabzi’s production to the rhymes from P2DaHI and The Amature, the Summer will never end as long as you have Whatupdoe From Blat! in your collection.