Since Lansing’s The Fuzz broke up in 2005, people have been wanting to see The Fuzz play at least one more show. Now, you will get the chance. The Fuzz will be playing this Saturday at The Loft with Elliot Street Lunatic, Paradisiac, Audrey and Jetpack On!. Daniel Veale, guitarist and vocalist of The Fuzz, says that he “has always wanted another Fuzz show” and that the band “split up kind of abruptly and we never got a proper farewell show”.

Before this abrupt breakup, The Fuzz were one of best up-and-coming bands out of Lansing. Their two full length LPs, Remember to Forget and Noise Destroyers, were critically acclaimed by sites like Veale says that Noise Destroyers “stands up as an album”. The band’s layered instrumentation was often performed live with ease. Veale says “There are at least a billion keyboard tracks on that record and we still manage to pull it off live”. He also attributes their sound to synthesizer player Nathan Brown’s production, calling him “a studio genius”.

This cohesiveness within The Fuzz as a band and their music spread to other bands and projects later on. When The Fuzz broke up, Veale moved on to form the band Paradisiac, which is still active. Veale also says that The Fuzz’s other members, Brown, Brandon Raudebaugh (bass) and Brandon Mead (drums) have contributed to other local bands like The Pusherz, Wanderjahr and The Peddlers.

As for more from The Fuzz, Veale says that a full-blown Fuzz reunion is unlikely but other plans could be afoot. “Recording the songs we never got around to recording is something we have recently talked about and is highly probable” he said. Veale is certain of one thing: “I’m pretty sure all four of us will continue to make weird, loud music for quite some time”.

  • Be sure to see The Fuzz, Elliot Street Lunatic, Audrey and Jetpack On! at The Loft this Saturday, 9/11/10 at 8pm. Tickets are as follows: $5 in advance, $6 for 21+, $10 for 18+