Lansing’s favorite sons of metal, Cavalcade, are back with a new record entitled “Dear Entrails”. Earlier this month the band released a preview of the new record with three new songs, “Cancer Fantasy”, “Agents of Bolivian” and “Big Tsack of Bspiders”, available for free download through their myspace page. Cale Sauter (guitar/melodica) says, via email, that musically the band wanted to challenge themselves in new ways. About the song “Big Tsack of Bspiders”, he says “Sometimes our writing process is borne out of challenging ourselves in a way where someone will bring in something dance-able like that and then we challenge ourselves to try to make it heavy, or someone will bring in something really dirty and dissonant and we’ll challenge ourselves to find a way to make it move”.

Although dance-able rhythms are seeping into Cavalcade’s sound, their core sound of brutal blast beats, Black Metal rasps and aggressive guitars are still there and always will be. Sauter says the Black Metal vocals are the key to a similar sound, yet being able to provide for experimentation. “Either way, Zak’s invariable vocal style, while perhaps alienating some, allows us the freedom to write all kinds of different music without sounding like six different bands. His rasp is the constant that keeps it cohesive” Sauter said.

The rasps may keep the sound cohesive, but the lyrics in which the rasps speak are very different than the loose serial killer concept of “Into Bolivian”. To bring about new lyrics, Sauter and Craig Horky (bass) would volley absurd song title back and forth and they would write lyrics as each new title came to mind. Failure is a major theme here, says Horky. “We had a loose theme of failure this time around…the songs are more personal and have more meaning” he said.

Since the release of their debut “Into Bolivian”, the band has played shows with Sludge Metal supergroup Down, which features Phil Anselmo of Pantera fame as well as Jimmy Bower of Eyehategod. Cavalcade’s other axeman, Brad vanStaveren, says that these shows had a particular effect on his musical output, not just “Dear Entrails”. He says, “the only thing I can mention really in reference to Eyehategod is that for me personally, (they have) always been a reference point in this band in terms of dissonance, ugliness, riffs, and controlled chaos through distortion.”

Indeed, “Dear Entrails” expands on the ideas of “controlled chaos through distortion”. The song “Cancer Fantasy” includes clean guitar parts, a rarity in the band’s catalog. Also, the song features female backing vocals by Ms. Frankie Knoch, singer in local band The Break-Ups. Another guest on this record is Mike Reed of Small Brown Bike. Sauter thought Reed should contribute when both he and Horky could hear Reed signing the chorus in their heads and asked Reed if he wanted to add his stamp to the song. These new editions help the band expand their musical vocabulary, yet maintain a certain aspect on their music that is easily recognizable.

Visit for more information on the band’s new record “Dear Entrails” including a free download of three of the new songs. Check them out this Wednesday August 11 at 9pm at Mac’s Bar. Also, see them on with Tombs at Mac’s Bar on August 21st at 9pm.