Although the whole “Whatupdoe” EP doesn’t drop until next week I felt it would be good to do a review of the lone single “Passports” in anticipation for said EP. Lansing rappers James “Philthy” Gardin (known here as P2Dahi) and Wayne “The Amature” Weigel sound off on those who “never left home” by saying that “you need to get some stamps on your passport”. This call to get others to explore the world is backed by a pumping bass drum and a jazzy guitar loop throughout. This sparse production helps push the lyrics and message above the music but that doesn’t make it any less meaningful. The jazzy guitar gives the song a local, homely feel that is welcomed in a hip-hop world that is filled with trite, unimaginative beats that isolate the listener.

The lyrics are very autobiographical. Wayne Weigel, AKA The Amature, strings bits about going to war, his mix race parents and being an “army brat”. His lyrical flow is very smooth and quick yet easy to understand…you can almost sing along with him. This lyrical approach and mid-tempo flow make the song catchy and  infectious. If these traits are any indication of the whole EP, I can’t wait to hear the rest.

Download the song “Passports” here: